Shapeoko intro

This past summer I purchased a Shapeoko CNC router to get myself started with at-home machining of wood and plastic.  I had experience with a HAAS CNC minimill and a ShopBot in high school and have always wanted one for my own workshop.  I did some digging for a DIY budget CNC router and came across the Shapeoko I and bought it.  I put all the hardware together in about a night and wired everything the next.  I only bought the $300 hardware kit to source my own electronics and router as I planned to upgrade some of the parts.  I purchased a DW660 handheld router that seems to power through just about any material in its path.  With the heavier tool mounted, I also had to go with dual y-axis stepper motor control.

The brain of the machine is a Grbl shield which has been forked for the back end of most RepRap 3D printer controllers.  The controller is pretty basic and goes right on top of an Arduino microcontroller to interface with a computer.  Requiring a computer to cut anything kind of stinks but I hope to fix this with interfacing with  a RaspberryPi at some point.  This has been done before and I hope to follow some tutorials to learn how to do it.  I have stumbled across some great Shapeoko documentation over at Zapmaker, including how to run it on a Pi.

Shapeoko 1 build timelapse from

Shapeoko 1 build timelapse from Click on the image to see the GIF!

More pictures to follow!


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